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A Controversial Path to Peacebuilding – Jovhanna Tovar

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Jovhanna Tovar* dedica su ensayo a las problemáticas y obstáculos del proceso de paz en Colombia; en concreto, el caso del actual acuerdo de paz entre el gobierno colombiano y la organización guerrillera más grande del país, las FARC (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia).

*Jovhanna Tovar was born in Bogota and moved from Colombia to Austria sixteen years ago. Since completing her first academic degree in Busines Administration at the International Management Center – FH Krems in 2008, she has been pursuing her personal and professional goals by working and living in different countries such as Australia, Fiji, Switzerland and Poland. In 2017, she finished her MA degree in International Relations at the Collegium Civitas University in Warsaw and is working for a global company in the finance industry. As an open and global minded person, she holds a profound interest in topics related to politics, international relations and intercultural communication, particularly related to Latin American and European countries.


A Controversial Path to Peacebuilding – Jovhanna Tovar

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