Hulu: great alternative to Netflix

For those of you who are looking for alternatives to Netflix, Hulu is a great candidate. In a nutshell, Hulu is an on-demand streaming platform focusing on “comfort” TV shows, i.e. those series that were popular in the past and which you might want to rewatch again.

Let’s discuss what other benefits you get with Hulu.

Perks you’ll enjoy at Hulu

First, you can use almost any devices to stream content which makes your life super-easy.

Second, the prices go from $5.99 for monthly plans which is quite affordable. And if you don’t care for the ads interrupting your TV binges, the $10 plan will free you up from the ads for almost all TV shows available here.

Third, you can hook up the live TV option. Although, this will bump up your monthly payments to $45, you’ll get access to all major cable and widely popular TV channels. It’s so great to have access to those programming options when you just want to “play possum” on the coach with your friends and family.

All in all, Hulu can become a great alternative to Netflix, bringing lots of comfort TV that’ll make your life happier.