Is it legal to use Putlocker?

Sites like Putlocker help millions of people around the world to watch TV shows and videos. It’s hard to say whether it’s legal or not to watch movies on Putlockers because lots of videos here are already in the public domain! But some countries consider Putlocker sites illegal and block them. If you live in one of such “nark” countries, you just need to take additional steps and enjoy your fav show here.

What to do if your country considers Putlocker illegal?

Even if your country has blocked the website, you can still use a VPN service. The trick here is to choose a high-quality provider, but not a cheap version. NordVPN is one of the best options. With a $12 monthly fee, you get the military grade of protection and high speeds, vital for no-buffering streaming. Also you can try to use 123Movies new site. It’s not blocked in most counrties, so you can try to enjoy movie night with that site. Visit it by the link

With a free or cheap, you’ll end up with never-ending buffering in your vids. Plus, due to ineffective anonymizing, Put locker and similar sites might still show as blocked.

If you don’t want to use sites like Putlocker, subscribe to Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. There, you’ll find tons of HD content that’s 100% legal.