Shudder: alternative to Netflix for horror buffs

Are you tired of a ludicrously limited collection that Netflix has in horror? We understand you pretty well. It sucks. But you need to understand that Netflix is a one-stop shop, and you can’t expect it to have only horror titles, right? But that’s exactly what Shudder is doing, and you’ll love it.

Why you’ll adore Shudder

First, there’s nothing but gore here. It’s horror-only platform. So, if you want to find horror flicks, this is the place.

Second, it’s not expensive with the $5 monthly subscription plan, so you can start using it right now. By the way, it has a free trial period for 7 days, so that you can judge yourself.

Third, there’s a deeply elaborated categorization being done by the team. You can search by genre, type of the monster you’ll deal with (aliens, humans, vampires, evil animals, ghosts, demons, killer objects and mutants).

Fourth, there’s the live cable-styled channel, exposing you to greasley movies around the clock. That’s good for the lazy in you.