HBO: a competitor or supplement to Netflix?

If you are looking for another streaming platform to satisfy your needs in movies and TV shows, HBO Go/Now is a good candidate as it offers a marvellous range of its original TV shows.

How it works

First, you make the monthly subscription at $10 – $18. You also get a free trial 7-day period, during which you can decide whether HBO is your thing or not.

Second, you get access to the original TV shows, among which are such giants as Game of Thrones and others. The point is that you won’t find these TV titles anywhere else, so subscribing to HBO is your only option.

Third, you can watch the new episodes as soon as they go to air, which is just a must-have for those fans who want to be able to discuss the latest episodes with their friends asap.

All in all, HBO is a very popular option for those among you who care about the network’s content. Taking into account that Netflix offers a much larger library of titles in both movies and TV shows, the best approach is to consider HBO as a supplement to your other subscriptions.