Seeso: alternative to Netflix for comedy fans

I am sure that you are getting bored with the one-stop-shop offerings at Netflix and other similar platforms, so you might be looking for niche-specific streaming services. Seeso is one of them, and it’s focused on comedy. Here’s why you should look into it.

Why it’s good for you

First, it’s all about the offbeat and sometimes quirky comedy. It’s not about staple comedy shows like Friends or Modern Family, which you can watch on sites like Netflix. It’s about those gems that are hidden under tons of mediocre comedy titles on those big sties.

Second, it’s not expensive at all with the $5 monthly subscription fee, which makes it possible to consider it as an additional subscription for your TV predilections.

Third, there’s a growing number of original content and short clips that can expose you to some of the unusual TV shows and small bites you’ll not find anywhere else.

It’s clear that modern-day viewers are actively looking for à la carte streamers, and Seeso will snuggle any comedy die-hard for long periods of time, enabling them to binge in what they like most – comedy.