Festival Scope: alternative to Netflix for festival cinema

If you are looking for a streaming platform where you’ll see more festival-circuit and independent movies, Festival Scope is just what you need. In comparison to Netflix and other major streaming platforms, this one offers a very short list of titles, but all of them come from the festivals, displayed in a carefully curated list from a highly experienced cinephiles team.

Benefits you get

First, there are two plans here: Festival Scope and Festival Scope Pro. The first one is for amateurs like you and me, and the second one is for professionals looking to mingle with other stakeholders. The basic plan costs $5 per month.

Second, you don’t have to sift through tons of “conventional” movies that queue you up at sites like Netflix. It’s all about arthouse, indie productions here.

Third, all titles are curated and rotated a lot, so this means that whenever you are in the mood for some arthouse masterpieces, visiting Festival Scope can quickly satiate your needs.

Tour the world, give in to whimsical turns the arthouse industry is taking. Expose yourself to unique culture and atmosphere with Festival Scope.